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LEAP News & Dates


  • 19th | Oliver, all speaking roles 5:45-8pm
  • 20th | Oliver, junior cast 3:30-5pm
  • 20th | Oliver, all cast 5-6pm
  • 20th | Oliver, senior cast 6-8pm
  • 25th | Oliver, all cast 2-5pm


  • 17th | Oliver, senior cast 5:45-8pm
  • 18th | Oliver, junior cast 4:30-6:30pm
  • 22nd | Oliver, all cast dress run 2-5pm
  • 24th | Oliver, all cast 4:45 6:45pm
  • 26th | Oliver, principal characters 6-9pm (at Nordern Farm)
  • 27th | Oliver, cast run through/tech 4:30-7pm (at Nordern Farm)
  • 28th | Oliver, dress run, 1pm (at Nordern Farm)
  • 28th | Oliver Show Date 7pm
  • 29th | Oliver Show Date 1pm & 5:30pm

If you have mislaid either your covering letter(s), permission form(s) or audition pack(s) please sign in to the pupils area and download them from the 2018 Show Info menu.

It's show time

Oliver | 28th & 29th April

Barnum | 25th & 26th July 2018